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Fabled Items

All information has been compiled from...

New Anniversary Items




Fabled Veil of War Wise Eyes
Fabled Veteran's Battle Charm
Fabled Silver Hoop of Speed
Fabled Visor of Endless Sight
Fabled Earring of Living Earth
Fabled Vest of Phoenix Feathers
Fabled Puresteel Mantle
Fabled Malarian Leg Ear Stud
Fabled Boots of the Warmaster
Fabled War Charm of Crossed Blades
Fabled Blade of War
Fabled Red Eyed Mask of Rage
Fabled Talisman of Tainted Energy
Fabled Earring of Corporeal Essence
Fabled Cloak of the Falling Skies
Fabled Band of Prismatic Focus
Fabled Runewarded Belt
Fabled Earring of the Raging Typhoon
Fabled Visor of the Berserker
Fabled Shield of Strife
Fabled Mantle of Pure Spirit
Fabled Jagged Timeforged Blade
Fabled Mask of Simplicity
Fabled Belt of Tidal Energy
Fabled Celestial Cloak
Fabled Veil of the Inferno
Fabled Pulsing Onyx Ring
Fabled Cap of Flowing Time
Fabled Gloves of the Unseen
Fabled Stone of Flowing Time
Fabled Pauldrons of Devastation
Fabled Sword of Primordial Power
Fabled Immaculate Vest of the Fire Tyrant
Fabled Bracers of Earthen Energy
Fabled Warmaster's Recurved Longbow
Fabled Battle Fists
Fabled Earring of Unseen Horrors
Fabled Bracer of Timeless Rage
Fabled Tactician's Shield
Fabled Earthen Bracer of Fortitude

Fabled Band of Primordial Energy
Fabled Belt of Temporal Bindings
Fabled Earring of Celestial Energy
Fabled Hope Stone
Fabled Great Mask of Flame
Fabled Cord of Temporal Weavings
Fabled Valorous Quarterstaff
Fabled Blood Earring of Rage
Fabled Xephyrus, Wand of the Flowing Wind
Fabled Shoulderpads of the Visionary
Fabled Wristband of the Rathe
Fabled Stone Etched Mallet
Fabled Bone Sliver Ornament
Fabled Bands of Earthen Energy
Fabled Decayed Shoes of the Plaguebringer
Fabled Coif of Flowing Time
Fabled Ring of Evasion
Fabled Earthen Bile
Fabled Chestguard of Enchanted Marble
Fabled Bone Spiked Crusher
Fabled Diseased Ratskin Mask
Fabled Timestone Adorned Ring
Fabled Amulet of Crystal Dreams
Fabled Armguards of the Brute
Sealed Planar Collection Bag
The Fabled Rotting Fist
Fabled Radiant Mask of the Disease Lord
Fabled Girdle of the Tactician
Fabled Pendant of the Triumphant Victor
Fabled Obsidian Scimitar of War
Brick of Knowledge
Fabled Drape of the Agile
A Fabled Fragment of Fire 
A Fabled Fragment of Air
A Fabled Fragment of Earth
Fabled Jagged Shard of Frozen Flame
A Fabled Fragment of Water
Fabled Collar of Corrupted Flame
Fabled Bejeweled Dagger of Summoning
Fabled Flame Idol of Ro
Fabled Tethered Air Cape
Fabled Band of Elder Understanding
Fabled Sparkling Satin Pantaloons
Fabled Scintillating Feather Mask

Planar Collection Bag
A Planar Clue Book
A Collector's Pendant of Marr
A Collector's Note
A Collector's Soul
A Collector's Diaku Blade
A Collector's Frog Tongue
A Collector's Innovative Gear
A Collector's Hobgoblin Tusk
A Collector's Spider Eye
A Collector's Tormentor Hide 
A Collector's Cloak of Justice

1166 Fabled Abram's Axe of the Stoic
976 Fabled Aegis of Judgment
1244 Fabled Aegis of the Shrine
1177 Fabled Akhevan Shadow Shears
752 Fabled Amulet of Xuzl
752 Fabled Amulet of the Rain
948 Fabled Amulet of the Shrine
632 Fabled Ancient Burrower Hide Tunic
804 Fabled Ancient Fossil
1175 Fabled Ancient Prismatic Brawl Stick
588 Fabled Ancient Prismatic Warsword
660 Fabled Ancient Sensate Cloak
519 Fabled Arbitor's Combine Greatsword
622 Fabled Armplates of the Twisted
538 Fabled Assassin's Chestguard
510 Fabled Ayillish's Talisman
614 Fabled Azaliil's Ring of Analogies
565 Fabled Backpack
689 Fabled Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye
617 Fabled Band of Eternal Flame
769 Fabled Barbed Ringmail Shoulderpads
798 Fabled Barnacle-covered Pauldron
822 Fabled Baton of Flame
619 Fabled Batskull Earring
632 Fabled Beer Stained Coldain Tunic
564 Fabled Belt of Dark Thought
572 Fabled Belt of Growth
563 Fabled Belt of Marvelous Visions
563 Fabled Belt of Mastery
533 Fabled Belt of Mystical Protection
563 Fabled Belt of Virility
560 Fabled Belt of the Destroyer
1126 Fabled Bile Drenched Flesh Robe
1171 Fabled Black Blade of Tormenting
540 Fabled Black Chitin Leggings
581 Fabled Black Rock Maul of Crushing
631 Fabled Black Runed Pants
1126 Fabled Blackened Crystalline Robe
767 Fabled Blackflame Sphere
1249 Fabled Blackstar, Mace of Night
1176 Fabled Blade of Xalgoz
1374 Fabled Blade of the Tempest
740 Fabled Blizzent's Fang
769 Fabled Bloodstained Mantle
966 Fabled Blue Diamond
974 Fabled Bone Chill Shield
522 Fabled Bone Earring of Evasion
501 Fabled Bone Ring of the Death Ward
501 Fabled Bone Studded Bracelet
789 Fabled Book of Impracticality
545 Fabled Boots of Kylthorn
524 Fabled Boots of Shadow Walking
633 Fabled Boots of Silent Dreams
545 Fabled Boots of Stability
525 Fabled Boots of the Ancients
779 Fabled Boots of the Dead Dream
1330 Fabled Bow of Contortion
597 Fabled Bow of Storms
671 Fabled Bracer of Scale
671 Fabled Bracer of Scavenging
624 Fabled Breastplate of Integrity
624 Fabled Breastplate of Speed
624 Fabled Breastplate of the Void
622 Fabled Brown Chitin Sleeves
975 Fabled Burynai Digmaster's Claw
929 Fabled Calamity's End
658 Fabled Cape of Flames
754 Fabled Captain Ulmogs Brooch
669 Fabled Cerulean Sleeves
624 Fabled Ch`ktok Breastplate
805 Fabled Charred Guardian Shield
743 Fabled Cheetah Paw Fetish
624 Fabled Chestplate of Stability
624 Fabled Chestplate of Vindication
887 Fabled Chetari Wardstaff
1043 Fabled Chipped Velium Amulet
957 Fabled Chrysolite
719 Fabled Circle of Smoke
1124 Fabled Circlet of Disguise
1387 Fabled Circular Shield of the Blaze
502 Fabled Clattering Bone Necklace
971 Fabled Claw of Lightning
621 Fabled Clawed Coat of Tyro
606 Fabled Clay Guardian Shield
658 Fabled Cloak of Crystalline Waters
656 Fabled Cloak of Destruction
658 Fabled Cloak of Flames
659 Fabled Cloak of Maneuvering
840 Fabled Cloak of Thorns
556 Fabled Cloak of the Blind Wolf
839 Fabled Cloak of the Ry'Gorr Oracles
660 Fabled Cloak of the Seacaller
656 Fabled Cloak of the Wrulons
639 Fabled Cloth Cap
674 Fabled Collar of Tavuel Xakreum
622 Fabled Coral Encrusted Vambraces
572 Fabled Cord of Midnight
572 Fabled Cord of the Pyre
625 Fabled Cowl of Mortality
622 Fabled Crafted Vambraces
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